Overview of the Dubrovnik Conference Series in Cognitive Science

Cognitive science, as the interdisciplinary study of cognition, has become one of the central integrating disciplines both in Europe and in the U.S. during the last two decades. Generally, it promises to provide an overall view of cognition and offer foundations for its application. It has additional potential, as well. By combining the notions and methods of psychology, as well as neuroscience and biology, philosophy, mathematics, computer science and social sciences including linguistics, anthropology, and economics, it keeps alive the vision that the infamous two cultures divide can be overcome.
This integrative message is much alive and much needed in Central Europe. The tradition of the Vienna Circle and multidisciplinary scholars like Ernst Mach, Georg von Békésy, Konrad Lorenz or Béla Julesz is still with us. To keep these traditions alive and to facilitate dialogue between the members of the European Union is one of the aims of the conference series, and the creation of CECOG, the Central European Cognitive Science Association

General outline

The annual conferences are open, international events. Students and tutors are encouraged to come from all over the world. The conference is attracting about an average of 100 participants. The advantage of a relatively small conference is that it allows open discussion and a scientific socialization experience for both senior and younger participants.
Each year the conference is open to senior and student researchers to present their research on any aspect of cognitive science. However, tutorials are always concentrated around one hot topic of cognitive science.

Site and time

The conferences are scheduled to take place each year in Dubrovnik. In the long run, however, this does not exclude the possibility of moving the conference to other sites 2012. One example is the CUNY Sentence Processing Conference that was launched by the City University of New York Graduate Center, and was held there for many years. After being established, however, it began to move around other sites in the world, while keeping its original name, CUNY.

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